Your License is too long, I didn't read. Fill me in.

No problem. Licenses can be weird to read for us non-lawyers, but here is the GameTextures License in layman's terms.

1) The GameTextures license allows developers (single, and company) that make less than USD $250k/year revenue or income to use our products in a limited commercial manner.
2) The point of this revenue cap is to enable our community of independent, student, hobbyist and professional freelancer type artists to use our library assets in an affordable manner.
3) This license allows you to use our products in your art (whether commercial, or non-commercial).
4) This license allows you to build new unique materials inside of programs like Substance Painter, or Substance Designer using our materials.
5) This license allows you to build games, or any other 3D media or digital media using our license.
6) You MAY continue to use our products in your projects EVEN AFTER YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT ON A PAID MEMBERSHIP. Our goal is NOT to lock you into a lifetime of membership fees. Our goal is to give you access to our nice materials and products in a fair way for you, and fair for us.
7) That is to say, you may sign up for a month, download whatever you need for your project, and cancel your account. YOu will still be licensed to use the products you downloaded during your active membership in a commercial manner. (Please note, we do track the products you have downloaded, so this license applies only to products obtained during your active, and legal subscription.).
8) You MAY use our textures to create asset store and marketplace assets, provided that you are not just re-selling our textures in their plain form. This means that you may use our textures to, for instance, build a bunch of props with unique textures, but does not allow you to build a terrain and re-distribute and sell our tiled textures.
9) Any distribution of our tiled materials is forbidden UNLESS those tiled textures are in a package which has them encrypted and archived (most games, and projects do this by default). Most game engines and software do this automatically when you package your game or project for distribution.
10) You may not sublicense our materials or products - you should not give this to your clients. That's not fair to either of us - if your client is working on a project they have hired you for, they should have their own license for GameTextures.
11) Use with AI Tools. This license explicitly prohibits use of GT Library Assets to build, improve, test, train or otherwise supplement or complement AI tools, applications and software.

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