The Marketplace Download does not work, what is going on?

As of the writing of this article there seems to be a bug with Roads and Paths on the Unreal 4 Marketplace. 

This fix should be applicable to any other asset pack that is suffering from the same problem. 

Please put in a ticket to request the project source files if this happens. 

After attempting to add the asset pack to a project, the wrong results may look something like this: 

How to add a Asset pack to a project.

 Make sure the main project folder of what is being import into is open. (MyBigFatTest is what I am using, aside from the name the project folder should look nearly identical)

Copy the unzipped contents of the RoadandPaths project into the destination project folder.

Delete the Roadsandpaths_4_20 project file

Open up the destination project and let the import process work its way through.

If this process does not work, please respond in the ticket requesting the source files. 

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