How to import GameTextures bNode Files into Blender

NodeIO is a free Blender3D plugin that allows a user to import node based blender materials into their projects. Our blender material format downloads include a .bnodes file that makes importing a node based and modifiable material into blender as easy as drag and drop. 

Here is tutorial on the subject:

Download  NodeIO

To install NodeIO to Blender, press Control + Alt + U, or go to File > User Preferences and then select the Add-ons Tab.

Group the nodes. 

Switch to Cycles Render in the Top Bar

Download an ideal material from

Select the group you just created in the Node Editor in Blender, and scroll to the NodeIO panel.

Un-group the nodes.

After this the material inside of blender can be manipulated in whatever fashion that is needed, up to and including adding more materials to the scene. 

You should check the  Github to download this plugin and to check for any updates!

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