New User, This FAQ is for You

The General GameTextures FAQ

This FAQ is an aggregate of years of users over several iterations of the Website.

How Customizable are these textures? 

The substances are incredibly powerful, with many features that allow for a large amount of options and changes. Even these however can be limited. 

Some of our textures are not procedural however and will require more work in engine or in a photo manipulation program.

There is no general rule as to how much you can customize these materials as they are, however you are encouraged to use them in your texturing programs or game engines in ways that will get the most out of them by any way possible.

How often is your Library updated?

Our library is updated roughly once a month via internal "sprints" the develop a 10-20 materials based on a specific theme assigned to the month in question. 

Can you provide .SBS versions of your Substances, instead of .SBSAR?

All of our procedural content is distributed via the protected Substance Archive file format (.SBSAR) for ease of use to our customers.

The .SBSAR is extremely powerful as a file format, as it allows drag & drop use of materials from our site in to nearly any 3D game  engine, or offline render client.

Each Substance we build is attached to our Materializer pipeline via customized and proprietary nodes within Substance Designer. This allows us to move very quickly between materials, and very quickly add them to our website as products for our customers to use, with that being said, the SBS files would be entirely useless outside of our teams pipeline tools. 

If you would like to look at how a particular substance was created procedurally, we can provide you with renders of our graphs inside of Substance Designer.  Just fill out a support ticket and ask. We're always happy to help in any ways that we can.

Can you put a Texture on a mesh I provide?
No. We provide access to our library so that you can texture your assets precisely as you need them. 

Why are some materials listed by artist and others not?

Originally our library was produced internally with a small portion being supplemented by outside artists, adding artists to our textures is a byproduct of that time.

Now all of our materials are built internally and the artists involved are credited and allowed to post publicly. The lack of credit on some materials verse others is now a product of a bug in our internal pipeline tool rather than any overt omission. 

Is there a trial account for

There is not a Trial account or a Student Discount for We do have free materials that are accessible by those who have registered on the site and these materials rotate semi-regularly!

How many Users may I have per account?

The only accounts that support more than one user are those that are subscribed to Indie and Enterprise plans.

Do my downloads roll over month to month?

If you're on a paid membership, your downloads will roll over month to month based on your membership type. If you have a monthly membership, your leftover downloads will rollover each month. If you're on an annual membership, your downloads will roll over each year.

Your downloads WILL disappear if the account is cancelled in the same way you would lose access to a library if you cancelled your library card. 

If the account is paused, they will be maintained but will not accrue until the account is fully active once more. 

If I don't like my texture can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of our products and their delivery, we can not give download credit refunds unless the material itself has an issue, in which case we will most definitely help you out.

If there are any issues with the material that has been downloaded, please put in a support ticket outlining the reasons and GameTextures will address the issue on a case by case basis. 

How many downloads do textures cost?

A download costs exactly that, a Download and all variations are the same.

You may download any material, or downloadable product again from My Library You may also download any extra product variations you may need for that product at no additional cost. Your account will still be able to access these downloads and files even if it is no longer an active membership.

Can I sell my own textures under the GameTextures name or add them to your site?

You cannot as we have no method to add materials onto our site from outside of our pipeline. 

We do not allow any of our assets to be sold outside of approved sources such as our site and asset stores where we curate them ourselves. 

Is your account locked to a single IP or Computer?

An account is not locked to a single IP address, or a computer under normal circumstance. GameTextures does track  user sessions for security.

An account can be logged into from any computer, though only one can be logged in per user at a time. 

Where do I go to change the Email on my account?

Our system does not allow our users to change their email due to complications this would cause with our billing service.  

A support ticket can be put in and we can adjust the email manually if a change is needed. This will not change the username for your account but will change where all correspondence is routed. 

Do I have to credit you in my game or product?

You do.

However this does not have to be large or unsightly, a logo in your end credits with a "Made using GameTextures" will suffice. 

You can use the Media kit Here

May I use your textures in print media or on static renders?

You can.  

Usage on print media requires a commercial license if there is any monetization involved in the finished product, this includes use as marketing or promotional material. 

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