Can you provide .SBS versions of your Substances, instead of .SBSAR?

All of our procedural content is distributed via the protected Substance Archive file format (.SBSAR) for ease of use to our customers.

The .SBSAR is extremely powerful as a file format, as it allows drag & drop use of materials from our site in to nearly any 3D game  engine, or offline render client.

Each Substance we build is attached to our Materializer pipeline via customized and proprietary nodes within Substance Designer. This allows us to move very quickly between materials, and very quickly add them to our website as products for our customers to use, with that being said, the SBS files would be entirely useless outside of our teams pipeline tools. 

If you would like to look at how a particular substance was created procedurally, we can provide you with renders of our graphs inside of Substance Designer.  Just fill out a support ticket and ask. We're always happy to help in any ways that we can.

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