How to Import Substances in 3DS Max

There is a plugin developed by Allegorithmic that will allow substances to be used inside of 3DS MAX. 

The plugin version for 3DS MAX 2018  can be downloaded here:

For older versions you can use the legacy support script:

To open a Substance in 3DS MAX:

  1. Open the Slate editor, search for Substance and drag the Substance2 node to the view. 
  2. Double click the Substance node to activate the properties and under Substance Package Browser, load a Substance.
    You can also drag and drop the .sbsar file into the Slate Editor to automatically create the node and import the sbar. 
  3. If a Substance contains multiple graphs, you can choose the graph you want to output as a material in the Selected Graph drop down menu. 
  4. With the Substance node selected, go to the Substance menu and choose a supported renderer. The material will be created and ready to be applied to the object. Substance textures are hooked into the rendering material.  
    1. Arnold
    2. V-ray
    3. Corona
    4. Octane

Changing Parameters:

Double click on the Substance node to load the Substance parameters in the parameter window,Change the parameters to update the Substance textures automatically. 

Setting Output Preview:

A specific channel can be set for the thumbnail for the Substance node.

In the Output Preview drop down, choose the channel you want to use for the node thumbnail. 

Changing Resolution: 

Set the desired resolution for the computed Substance textures in the Substance Output Settings. 

For resolution up to 8K, make sure you are using the GPU engine, which is set in the Substance Settings

Tiling Substances:

Coordinate properties can be used to tile Substance textures and set Map Channels. 

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