How to Import Bitmaps into Unity

Nearly any format of bitmap can be imported into Unity. 

The download options include a bitmap selection up to 4k in resolution.

The method we suggest utilizes  Substance Player.

After opening the substance in Substance Player and adjusting it to your liking, you will choose the "Export as Bitmap" option. You can output them as any format you desire as long as it matches what Unity Engine accepts.

The following Texture formats are supported:

    *.BMP , *.EXR, *.GIF, *.HDR, *.IFF , *.JPG, *.PICT, *.PNG, *.PSD, *.TGA, *.TIFF

  You can then navigate to your unity project, you can right click on the folder where you want to import your materials to pull up the menu and import your bitmaps:

Your bitmaps should look as such:

You can adjust the resolution natively inside of unity

You can now assemble a material using these bitmaps to suit your needs. 

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