How to Create a Basic Unreal Material with Bitmaps

When not utilizing the GameTextures SHADE Material in Unreal Engine 4 the PBR Generic bitmap downloads are still capable of building a viable basic material in the engine. 

Begin by selecting the proper format from the site. 

Import the bitmaps into the engine, the bitmaps are also capable of being dragged into the content browser.

Create the material by right clicking in the content browser and selecting the material.

Drag the bitmaps that are needed into the opened materials, at the most basic level the following are needed.

  • Basecolor
  • Metallic
  • Normal
  • Roughness
    • NOTE: The other maps are needed either selectively for certain materials (Emmisive) or selectively depending on the complexity of the material (Height, AO, Etc)

The bitmaps should be plugged in as such. 

A parameter should be added to the roughness to allow for adjustments as needed. 

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